Can YOU Benefit From Your Airline Miles Credit Card?

Ever since traditional mortgage equity loans have ceased to attract the attention of those interested in securing easy credit, credit cards of various kinds have started making their mark - and in many more ways than one. Today, there is no dearth of airline miles credit cards as well as other cards that are known to offer rewards and bonuses. These cards are being increasingly used by consumers across the US and are proving to be a great means for saving good money on retail, vacations and other business/ domestic services.

However, in this business, along with every winner there is a loser. While credit card companies do dole out the rewards and pay for the same; unfortunately, just a handful of card holders emerge as winners. Here, the losers end up paying for the rewards availed by others. The question that arises at this point is linked to the concern that can YOU benefit from your chosen airline miles credit card?

Read on for some essential points that ensure lucrative experiences and help you save lots of money - in a comfortable and easy manner.

Class of Airline Card

At the very onset, you need to have a clear idea about the class or type of airline card that best suits your purpose. You will come across bank issued rewards cards for air miles as well as frequent flyer cards that are linked to specific airlines - with huge differences in their features, rewards and ways of functioning.

For instance, while bank sponsored cards tend to reward your purchases and amount spent on their cards, airline cards consider the miles travelled by you. If you happen to be a frequent flyer and take up to five to ten flights in a year, then you will gain miles at a faster rate with airline cards, rather than with their bank sponsored counterparts. However, most of these cards come packaged with their own set of restrictions and "blackouts" that you need to contend with.

The credit cards issued by banks serve to offer miles/points that eliminate or bring about a reduction in the overall cost of airline tickets. It is important to note that their calculations are based on the purchase amount accumulated by you and do not bind you to specific airlines or restrict you through "blackouts", when you actually decide to travel.

Refrain from Carrying a Balance

To ensure greater benefits from your card, it is a good idea to refrain from carrying forward a balance. Most airline credit cards are specifically designed to penalize consumers who habitually carry their balance from one month to the next, with higher fees and rates. The reason behind this is that most card holders place a vacation or business trip on their cards and pay off that expense throughout the year. If you are doing the same, then you can be assured of negating any savings that the card may have provided as a part of the program. If it is required to put your travel related expenses on your card for an extended period, it is better to transfer the balance onto a lower interest card and pay down the balance.

Use your Card Regularly

If you wish to maximize the advantages of your airline card, then remember to use and manage it on a regular basis. As most credit cards sponsored by specific airlines are classified as credit cards for "frequent flyers", they come packaged with "use it or lose it" features. In addition, as they come at hefty annual fees, you are better off losing them if you do not intend to utilize their facilities consistently.

It deserves mention that in certain cases, bank issued credit cards waive their annual fees for those applicants who boast of exceptional credit ratings. Along with the benefits offered for travel plans, these bank issued cards are also useful for day to day expenses such as gas, groceries, and even utilities. By using these cards on a regular basis throughout the year, you can easily get enough air miles to buy a free seat or two on your favorite airline every year.

Once you start realizing these benefits, you will soon see why air miles credit cards and others in the same class are becoming more popular among consumers like you.

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