How Your Credit Card Becomes a Great Travel Companion

Before taking off on your next getaway (regardless of whether you intend on flying for a family vacation or a business trip), consider the list of essentials that you would like to carry with you. Along with your passport, driver's license, itinerary and your wallet, you must remember to take your credit card too - your true travel companion.

Here are the top reasons why your credit card proves to be your best friend on any trip.


The ease of carrying and tracking your credit card cannot be debated in any manner. Unlike cash--which you need to stash away securely at all times, smoothen out, fold properly and stack up in the right direction for a neater appearance; you need to do much less with your plastic card. As it is lightweight and compact, you can manage your credit card with ease and don't have to worry about it falling out of your wallet. Neither do you have to be concerned about providing the correct change at a merchant's outlet.


Most credit cards, whether they are linked to airline miles, hotel points or cash-backs, fetch you attractive rewards. Traveling along with them offers plentiful opportunities of pumping up the rewards balance. So, before setting out, it is a good idea to determine the areas where you will be spending most and carry the cards that would prove to be most beneficial for you. After reaching home, you would probably find enough points to take care of another vacation.


A credit card goes a long way in helping you stick to your budget when you travel to the destination of your choice. If you start paying cash for each and every purchase, then the ease of payment will get all that you have out of your hands, and very fast. In general, cash has a bad habit of slipping out through your fingers, leaving you wonderstruck as to here you spent it all. But then, if you make a majority of your payments through your card, you can keep track of your spending and ensure that you do not burn a hole in your pocket. Easy-to-use tools provided on the account maintenance pages of most credit cards permit you to track and sort out your expenses, enabling you to ascertain where you stand.


With a credit card in your pocket, you are well protected against fraud and other malicious acts. For instance, if your cash ends up being stolen, it's lost. However, you can report and block any further usage of your credit card if it gets stolen, misplaced or lost. In addition, you may also contact your issuer to reverse any spending done by the thief on your card and get a refund in the account. All credit cards have clearly laid down regulations and policies in regards to fraud and protect the interests of their members. In contrast, cash seldom gives the zero-liability and peace-of-mind in the event of fraud.

Keeps you Safe

If you travel with large amounts of cash then you become a great target for thieves. As your credit is highly secure, the act of carrying it keeps you safe too. Along with concierge services, purchase protection and travel/car rental insurance, you can be assured of the highest levels of safety in your transactions as well.

Purchase Protection

Whenever you purchase something with your credit card, you get an extended warranty on your purchase. Certain reputed credit card issuing companies offer much more than just that. In case of theft, breakage, loss, or even getting the product at a cheaper price elsewhere, you can contact your issuer for a fast and just resolution. Some cards also offer purchase protection for damaged electronics and/or other purchases.

So, if you are planning to travel with cash, then you need to think again. Credit cards have a massive edge over the bills in your wallet and help you keep a firm control over your expenses, when you are way from home. Along with their ease of management, these cards are a much more responsible way of spending and fetch you good rewards too.

Go for your credit card - you will not be disappointed!

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