Airline Miles Credit Cards Don't Only Earn Miles On Travel Purchases

The airline industry is still booming, despite their claims, simply because thousands of people fly every day. The introduction of airline miles credit cards now make it somewhat more affordable for regular travelers to fly to their chosen destinations. Recently even those who do not travel a lot are getting on board with airline miles credit cards. Why would they do this? For one they can earn miles on all their non-travel purchases to save money on a flight for an upcoming vacation or special event.

An Explanation of Air Miles

In the days gone by you could only earn air miles if you spent a lot of time flying. Today, anyone can earn miles even without taking a single flight. Even though the earnings will increase when you travel with double or triple miles there are now more accessible ways to earn miles without having to fly.

Any purchase that you make with your airline miles credit card makes you eligible for earning miles (check your credit card terms and conditions for details). So now in addition to earning miles when you book a flight for a weekend getaway you can also earn on simple things like filling up your tank or purchasing your cup of morning coffee.

Now you have the opportunity to earn miles even while your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Even the rewards have changed for the better. You can redeem your miles for car rentals, cruises, airport parking, companion tickets, free checked baggage, hotel stays, packaged holidays and more.

How The Miles Are Earned

You might be surprised to find out that you could be on your first free flight without having purchasing a ticket with your airline miles credit card.

Bonus Miles On Enrollment

A lot of big name companies offer incentives to consumers to increase sign ups. After you make your first purchase using the card you will be awarded a preset number of miles. Compare the offers and choose the right program and you will be on your way to your first free reward.

Earn Miles On Your Everyday Spending

Use your card to pay for your everyday purchases and you will earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend. Most credit card providers will only reward for purchases made on goods and services. They will most likely not reward for cash advances, balance transfers and for any charges or interest fees on the card.

Purchasing Tickets And Flying With The Airlines and Affiliated Partners

The good news is that you can really add on the miles you earn by purchasing airline tickets. You can double or triple your earnings by using your card to make purchases.

Aside from that you will earn extra points every time you fly with the airline or one of its affiliated partners as part of the frequent flyer program. Check the program for specific details so that you can maximize your earnings.

Additional Ways To Earn Miles

The program terms and conditions will specify exact details but it might be possible to double up your points when you make purchases at affiliated partners. These partners might include car rental companies, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, jewelry stores and airport shops.

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