Getting The Most Out Of Your Airline Credit Cards With No Blackout Dates

Fierce competition among airline miles credit card providers, better lending policies, superb reward plans and huge sign on bonuses can all be worked to the consumer's benefit. These could all be reasons why the sign up rates for these cards are at an all-time high. Before you sign up for the next great offer that comes your way you need to evaluate what added benefits you can get from your next airline miles credit card. Your next card should promote no black dates and really mean it. It should also give you the opportunity to take advantage of introductory 0% APRs if your credit qualifies you for it.

With the holidays approaching many frequent flyers are looking to cash in their miles in exchange for tickets to spend time in a place they love with the people they love. Unfortunately for many the reality of no blackout dates could be more than they bargained for. Yes it true that lenders really mean no blackout dates but the reality is that major airlines reserve their holiday seats (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) for paying customers which in effect oust travellers who plan to pay for tickets through reward programs.

The bottom line is that if you plan to travel around the holiday with the help of your accumulated rewards you should be prepared for the unexpected. While there seems to be little that you can do to change this there are still some ways you can make the most of your card that promises no blackout dates. Here are just a few things you can do.

  1. Get a card that is not tied to any specific airline. If you are not particularly loyal to any airline you can go with an all-round rewards card that will allow you to pay upfront for your ticket and issue your rewards as a rebate. This way you are guaranteed to have access to your rewards even during the busiest periods.

  2. If you do have an airline miles credit card that is tied in with your loyalty to one airline you should go with one that offers alternatives to booking you on the flight that you want. For instance some airline programs will pay for a car rental or cover the cost of a hotel reservation to make up for their shortcomings. Even if your program does not advertise or offer these alternatives there is no harm in asking.

  3. Since you might not have the liberty to use your miles when you want, especially if you are a part of an airline loyalty program there should be no caps on points and no expiry dates. This point is particularly good for non-frequent fliers who will be at greater risks of losing their points if there are expiry dates on the program.

  4. Look for cards where there are no annual fees. If you're not able to use your rewards in one particular year it will not be a problem since you would not have to pay for rewards that you don't use.

  5. Alternatives to booked flights. Does your program provide you with alternative ways to redeem your miles? It should. Be it free or discounted goods at retailers that you frequent, car rentals, hotel reservations or other modes of redemption your program must provide alternatives to booking a flight.

The frustration of blackout dates when trying to redeem the rewards that you have accumulated can be frustrating for many travellers. Ask questions before you sign up and once you do make sure that your program provide a lot of ways for you to get the best out of your airline miles credit card.

*Check with the online credit card application for further details about the terms and conditions for each card. Airline Miles Credit Cards has done everything possible to ensure that the information provided is up to date. Any changes made to these programs will be presented in the terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's website.

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