Privacy Policy

Airline Miles Credit Cards understands that your personal information should be kept private. This privacy policy holds true for all personal data that you submit at Airline Miles Credit Cards.

As you register on Airline Miles Credit Cards, you have to submit your name and your contact information like email address. We do not keep highly personal information like PAN card numbers, Social security, or credit card numbers.

Airline Miles Credit Cards also stores and reads cookies on your system to recognize you as you visit our website again. When you use our website, you agree that the web server and any trusted third party chosen by us, like advertisement networks, can place a cookie on your system and use it during the session. Cookies are safe in general and do not pose security issues.

Airline Miles Credit Cards and its associates respect your confidentiality. Our global privacy plan describes the kinds of personal data we collect, use, and share, along with the options you can have regarding our usage of the data. We also explain the actions we take for the protection and security data of the data and how to contact the company regarding the privacy policy.

Our privacy policy may vary along with the locations in which we function to mirror local policies and legal requisites.

Disclosure of Data

This company and its associates will not advertise, trade, or lease your personal data to other people. We don't mechanically log personal statistics and link any data routinely logged by supplementary means, with data about particular individuals. We may utilize IP addresses to collect and provide summative statistics regarding our guests, traffic systems, and administration of the website.

This statistical data may also be allied to third level connections, but this information will not consist of any personally identifying information, track users' movements, or gather broad demographic information for cumulative use. IP addresses aren't connected to personally specialized information. We bring together only the private data that you possibly will volunteer, while using our website. We do not amass information about the visitors from other means, such as community records or groups and private organizations.

If you don't wish to have your personal data collected in this manner, please contact us. The company may release personal account data when such discharge is reasonably obligatory to in accordance with related laws, enforce the conditions of any of the user agreements, or look after the rights, possessions and security of the company, the website users and other entities.

External Affiliates

Please note that the site contains associations to other web pages. Please be conscious that we are not accountable for the confidentiality practices of the other sites. We want our users to be conscious about this when they leave our web site. They are advised to check privacy policies of each web page that links out from our website, and collects personal information.

In addition, Airline Miles Credit Cards has financial relationships with some of the credit cards mentioned here. We may be compensated if consumers choose to apply for these cards through the links in our content and ultimately sign up for the card.

This privacy policy applies solely to data collected by Airline Miles Credit Cards. If you have any queries or thoughts about our confidentiality policy, please contact us.